I’m posting this video so that people don’t say that riding horses is easy, because it’s not. One, you need to understand that riding is very dangerous. Two, you need to work really hard. And three, training with a horse is HARD.


Hello summer! I can not wait till school is over so I don’t have to learn any more! I can’t wait till I can make as much slime as I want. And I won’t have to wake up early.(YES) But the sad part is my dog Brian might pass. And this is all.                         P.S. You can see Brian in one of my older posts.


Spring has defintely sprung! I’m so excited that winter is over and spring has come. I can’t wait till all the flowers bloom. I love spring because I get to go to my cottage and go swimming. My new porch is getting done in the spring but it is going to be more slippery . I will defintely be out more and lay with my friends.

All About Mr.Gort!

Today I’m doing a blog post about Mr.Gort, the 5th grade teacher. Mr.Gort, if you are reading this, you might notice some answers are wrong because I lost the paper. The first question was, “How long have you been teaching?” He said that he has been teaching for 15 years,(WOW)! The second question was, “How many siblings do you have?”  He said he had 3: 2 brothers and 1 sister. The third question was, “What are your hopes and dreams?” He said to travel the world. Fourth question was, “What is something that is special about you?” He said that he loves teaching kids. I hope that I get Mr.Gort for 5th grade. I hoped you liked my post. (BYE) (BYE)


P.S. I forgot the 5th queston

All About Charli!

First name: Charli. Middle name:  Marie.  Brothers: 1. Sisters: 1. Hobbies: Gymnastics. Others might not know: Babysit. Something exciting: Moved. If she had a million dollars: Give it to animals in need. What is somthing you would do for the world: Find a cure for cancer.


Did you know that ST.Valentine went to prison and found his love there. And also wrote a love letter before he was put to death on Feb. 14.

Spiderwick Serious!

SpiderWick is the best book seriously! The authors of these books are Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black. In these books they discover new things and weird things. Book 1 is about 2 twins, Simon and Jared and their sister Mallory trying to figure out what they have. Then they find out that they have a unexpected visitor.


Have you ever wanted to see a plane accident movie? Well now you can.  Sully is a real plane accident that happened some years ago. Here are some reasons why you should see it.

1# It was re-created.

2# It has surprising scenes.

3# It is based on a real story.